How to study for IELTS

IETLS is an international English language testing exam which judges you on speaking, writing, reading and listening skills. But it isn’t easy to ace the exam which is why here we have got you a guide to learning and studying IELTS Abu Dhabi which will get you through the exam without getting buried in guide books.

  • Enhance your vocabulary

The heavier words you use the more weightage your exam is going to carry. But obviously you also need to be sure of the fact that you are using these words in the right context and in order to do so, you need to read and use these words in your daily conversations or at least practice using these words. This will slowly and gradually take you to the right path but make sure that you have your own vocabulary dictionary to look forward – and backward – to.

  • Never stop reading

Reading is one of those keys which will get you through it in no time. The faster you read, the quicker you will be able to find the answers and get done with the exam to move to the next part. You need to increase the speed of your reading because skimming through won’t always work as you should be a thorough but a quick reader. You can’t be simply reading through, in fact it is equally important to understand what is written as well. Start with English newspapers as they are a great source of high quality content.

  • Work on writing speed

If you have cleared the first stage of finding the right vocabulary then you don’t have to worry about thinking the right words as they would come to you automatically and as far as finding the answers is concerned, once you get a grip on quick reading you will be able to easily get through it as well. But writing speed is something which should coordinate with your thinking speed so that you can jot down the words as soon as they come to you without wasting even a second.

  • Focus on fluent pronunciation

Once you have been through all the stages of reading and writing, here comes the difficult part of speaking. Sometimes English does not come out as good when you speak which is why you need to focus on fluent speaking but even before that, focus on pronunciation with training companies in Dubai.