First thing that you will have to do when looking for the right makeup artist in Dubai is to make a list of makeup artists that offer their services in your area. You can acquire help from your friends, family members and colleagues to refer you a good makeup artist that they know off. Believe it or not, different service providers that you will hire for your wedding arrangements will also be able to provide you with good references in this regard. For example, wedding planner or photographer that you will hire will be able to recommend you a few good makeup artists in your area. You can also find some of the best recommendations by looking for best makeup artist in your area online. There are many review and reference websites available these days that provide firsthand information about the quality of services offered by professionals from every industry based on reviews and recommendations posted by their previous clients. Browsing through such blogs and websites will help you shortlist best makeup artist that operate in your area.


Once you have a list of few best makeup artists based on the references that you acquired from the people you know, service providers that you hired for your wedding and through internet, it’s time to conduct some research on them on your own to pick the best one out of them for your special day:


Log on to the internet and go through the websites of all the makeup artists that you have shortlisted. Before even checking out their portfolio page, see if they have an attractive and professional website or not. A good website will tell you a lot about the taste of the makeup artist which will also reflect in his makeup quality as well. Once you are satisfied with the website move to the portfolio page and see if there are plenty of images of all type of makeup in different styles and from every angle. This will make it very easy for you to choose one that you find best out of them.


After narrowing down your search to a couple of best makeup artists based on their reputation and previous work, you should contact them and find out if they are available on the dates on which you want to acquire their services. Also, ask them about the different packages they offer for their clients and only choose the one that suits best to your requirements and budget. Check this website for more information.