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The Moulding Department is organized for a 3 shift machining during the whole year ,can provide its customers with a quick and good service for the maintenance of their equipment and the reconstruction of parts of the mould; furthermore, it can execute possible required modifications.

The technical management of this Department is entrusted to skilled technicians, who can assist our customers also in the choice of materials.

The following machines represent our fleet:

Producing place
30 30 china 1
YIZUMI UN60A 60 china 1
JETMATER JM88-C/ES 88 china 1
YIZUMI UN90A 90 china 1
YIZUMI UN90SK 90 china 1
CHEN DE CJ120 3V 120 china 1
YIZUMI UN120SM2 120 china 1
YIZUMI UN160A 160 china 1
YIZUMI UN160SM2 160 china 1
CHEN DE CJ180 3V 180 china 1
YIZUMI UN260A 260 china 1
YIZUMI UN320A 320 china 1
YIZUMI UN400A 400 china 1
YIZUMI UN650A2 650 china 1
Assistant equipment
MING LEE Hot oil machine china 2
SIC Cooling water machine china 1

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