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        The manufacturing and assembly of each single component of the mould is completely carried out in the in-house workshop, in strict cooperation with the Technical Department. Notable attention is paid to the choice of materials and thermal treatments, which considerably influence the duration and reliability of moulds in time.
Skilled workers, who have gained 10-year experience, are entrusted with the manufacturing of moulds components and avail themselves of the following fleet of machines:

Producing place
FEMTEC CNC machine U.S.A 1
LITZ HITECH CNC machine Taiwan 1
FARTFORD CNC machine Taiwan 1
JITEN CNC machine Taiwan 1
JITEN E.D.M Taiwan 3
DMEG Sodick E.D.M China 1
LR-CNC E.D.M wire cut China 4
sodick Precision E.D.M wire cut Japan 1
YS Milling machine Taiwan 12
KENT Grinding machine Taiwan 3
KENT Precision grinding machine Taiwan 1
HZ Grinding machine(big) China 1
PRMT Lathe China 1
FEI QIU drill press China 2
Each single component is carefully checked and, in terms of measuring, the tolerances of coupling and sliding are verified by a team of skilled and experienced mechanical fitters.
At last, the mould is tested in the in-house plastic injection moulding department, to verify the perfect functioning and the correspondence of the moulded component to the customer's specific requirements.